Friday, October 21, 2011

English Year 3 - How to make a butterfly..........

Materials: A4 paper, scissors, stick, colour pencils, pencil, sellotape

Step 1: Fold a piece of paper

Step 2: Draw butterfly on the paper

Step 3: Cut out the butterfly

Step 4: Draw pattern on the butterfly

Step 5: Colour the butterfly

 Step 6: Gum a stick on the butterfly

Here you are…….a beautiful butterfly!

Lesson Plan

Following Instructions
30 minutes
Learning Outcomes
1.4) listen to and follow simple instructions   and directions accurately.
Teaching Aids
Flash cards, A4 paper, scissors, stick, colour pencils, pencil and sellotape

Set Induction
(2 minutes)
Teacher gives simple instructions, students give response.
a) First, stand up, students.
b) Next, sit down, students.
c) Then, put yours hand on the table.
d) Lastly, give me a sweet smile.
Step 1
(10 minutes)
1) Teacher shows flash card and guides students to  
     pronounce the word: first, next, then and lastly.
2) Teacher explains the meaning.
3) Students spell and read the words
Step 2
(15 minutes)
1) Teacher guides students to made butterfly by giving  
2) Students have to listen carefully to teacher’ instructions:
- First, fold a piece of paper.
- Draw butterfly on the paper.
- Then, cut out the butterfly.
- Draw pattern on the butterfly.
- Next, colour the butterfly
- Lastly, gum a stick on the butterfly.
(3 minutes)
1) Students repeat the steps of making a butterfly.
2) Homework: Writing (first, then, next, lastly).

I have this learning activity for my Year 3 students. I am very happy because all students have brought the materials as I told such as: A4 paper, scissors, stick, colour pencils, pencil, and sellotape. Students were very happy and interested because they have the opportunity to create work of art during English lesson. The learning objective of my lesson is students can follow my instruction during the lesson. So, they have to listen carefully to my instructions step by step how to make a butterfly. Most of my students can complete the work in the end of lesson. I felt very proud with them, as they were only Year 3 students but they were succeeded in drawing, cutting, colouring and make a beautiful butterfly in 30 minutes.

For those weaker students, I will prepare another material for them. I will provide them with paper which the shape and pattern of butterfly already printed. So, they just have to cut the butterfly and colour it. It will help them to complete the work faster.