Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Butterfly Colours Song

Learning English Is Fun!

Lesson Plan

Following Instructions
30 minutes
Learning Outcome
1.5 Listen to and enjoy the rhyme and sounds of poetry, jazz  
      chants and songs
Teaching Aids
Video song, butterflies pictures, flash card

Set Induction
(3 minutes)
  1. Teacher shows butterflies pictures and ask:
-          What is it? (Butterfly)
-          Does it beautiful? (Yes)
-          Why? (It has many colours)
Step 1
(12 minutes)
  1. Teacher plays the video song: The Butterfly Colours Song. Students listen carefully.
  2. Students sing the song.
  3. Teacher guides students to name the colours on butterflies. (red, green, yellow, pink, purple and orange)
  4. Students pronounce and spell the words.
Step 2
(10 minutes)
  1. Each student will be given a flash card. Each flash card was written a word about the colour.
  2. Every student has to name a thing, animal, fruit or others related with the colour on flash card.
Eg: yellow - lemon
(5 minutes)
  1. Students take out their own butterfly; they sing the song while waving their butterfly.
  2. Homework: Colouring

I have played this video: The Butterfly Colours Song in my next English lesson. Firstly, I played this video for my students and taught them how to sing the song. After that, students took out their own butterfly; they sang the song while waving their butterfly. Students learning’s interest were increased in good learning environment. They not only learnt a new song but they also learnt new vocabulary about colours such as: red, green, yellow, pink, purple and orange.

I will divide my students in groups. They have to discuss in their own group and decide how to perform the song with appropriate actions. Group activity helped foster cooperation among students and strengthen their learning memory of the day.

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